Here at TriumvirateLabs, we believe that a specific technology or language will not apply to every scenario, so we do our best to treat every problem individually. We have a broad experience in a wide variety of languages and frameworks. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel)
  • Node.JS (Nest.JS, Express)
  • Python (CherryPY, Django)
  • GO
  • Java ( Spring, Spring Boot)
  • Javascript (React, Angular, Vue.JS)
  • Mobile development (React.JS, Ionic)
  • Database (MySQL, SQLServer, MongoDB,
  • Queue Messaging (RabbitMq)
  • Caching (Redis, MemCached)
  • Blockchain techologies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, so on)
  • CI (Circle, Bitbucket Pipelines, Kubernetes)

Don’t find what you need in the list ? Please contact us for further informations as our experience is not limited to this technologies.

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